I made a pilgrimage to save this humans race

(Roman well, Kalemegdan fortress)

How deep do you have to descend in order to find your own vulnerability? What does “being vulnerable” even mean? Is it a state of pain, weakness and insecurity or a place of resistance which is accepted and from which you draw new strength? Learning to live with your own traumas and broken pieces as well as to properly nurture all the painful spots in yourself means believing that healing is possible. One of the old recipes says that when a tool is damaged to point of being unusable, the broken place has to be brought to a point of being burning hot. Firstly, it has to burn unbearably before it is straightened by dipping it in water that can be even drunk. With it, also the story of damaging and the source of the damage go away. To heal means to perform a ritual with the belief in a positive outcome. The untranslatable feeling that a new narrative is being written with every passing through the painful spot. The story of shattering is told by absorbing and slowly becoming everything.

Bojana Branković, Kristina Palanjuk, Nemanja Milenković, Rita Nobre, Sofiia Sorokina, Tisa Neža Herlec i Mojca Zupančič