Teodora Jeremić is an art historian, freelance curator, and writer based in Belgrade.
She has several years of experience in working as a curator and art producer in self-organized spaces as well as galleries and has curated a number of solo and group shows. She was working as curator and project manager in Hestia Art Residency Exhibitions Bureau, space focusing on art practices and contemporary issues in Eastern Europe, Latin America and the MENA region. Last year she has been appointed as one of the curators of Biennial of Young Artists in Belgrade. Currently works in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade.
Teodora is dealing with different topics she founds important and interesting but her practice mostly focuses on the research at the intersection of decolonial practices, feminist resistance and ecological thought. Interested in the power relations along the axes of gender, class, race, species and geography, and coming from borderland space, “the Other” of Europe, where Balkan myth meets post-socialist reality mixed with post-yugoslavian traumas and nostalgias, her practice is focused on transitional, liminal, marginal and hybrid, in order to understand how any type of border, knowledge and identity is being established as well as how to challenge them. She favors open structures, horizontality and dialogues. Thinks of curating as a platform for (un)learning, sharing and healing. Believes in vulnerability and experiment; and above all the necessity of a transformation and co-construction of the new politics and alliances.
Keywords: feminism, decolonization of knowledge, gender, identity, degrowth, care, food politics, commons, hybridism, emotion