Dropped in the state of imaginary grace

ULUS gallery (upper floor)

It’s warm, comfortable and safe here. This, however, doesn’t mean that the painful spots have completely stopped hurting, they have just been carefully sheathed. The inhabitants of this space are united in loneliness, daydreaming and memories, but also in a gentle optimism. This soap bubble could burst at any moment, and the only thing we have left is to close our eyes and enjoy the feeling of protection while it’s still there, around us…

Davud Turković, Isidora Krstić, Jana Gligorijević i Marija Stanković, Jelena Milićević, Milena Petronijević, Nikša Suzić, Pavle Golijanin, Sara Masnikosa, Tamara Milošević, Zulfikar Filandra