I saw the world thrashing all around your face

ULUS gallery (lower floor)

In a world which is halfway through the new and the old, between salvation and damnation, in the middle ground between two states and two worlds, a new human is born. A new subject which emerges from the dark, from the confinement, he begins to flicker, to breathe and to create cracks in the cybernetic system. He’s walking on the border, questioning the environment in which it lives, creates, acts and becomes an accidental hacker which finds the system’s weak spot and through it questions its borders and potentials. Surrounded by technology, with which it grows and develops, this individual knows that a “smart” life doesn’t lie in the objectivization of the robotic, nor in the exchange of humans with technology, but rather in a deep intertwining and creating of a new interface, new types of connections between the human and that which isn’t human as well as their mutual movement towards a point where everything disappears.

Ana Aleksić, Andrijana Bugarić, Anja Tončić, Glen De Cock, Ivana Mirchevska i Elena Chemerska, Ksenija Tajsić, Léa Tissot, Miljana Niković