There’s nothing you and I won’t do

(Gunpowder Warehouse, Kalemegdan fortress)

Battlegrounds don’t always smell of gunpowder. They could be the softest and gentlest places which smell of bread, just taken out of the oven, or of popcorn in front of the TV. When are you supposed to put your guard up and when to lay down your arms? Tell me how you live, what battles you are leading and what is stopping you from being carelessly young? We could regroup our strength here, devise survival tactics and rest up, at least for a moment. We will protect each other’s backs.


Darja Mamula, Katarina Ilijašević, Marija Nikolić, Milena Ivanović, Nikola Radosavljević, Romana Pehar, SABA (Silvia Amancei i Bogdan Armanu), Slobodan Sailović, Vojislav Pavlović