The future’s open wide

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It is difficult to imagine our new reality. What awaits us after a year of breakages and insecurities? What fears will we be left with? What will we be nostalgic for in the future and what we want to forget forever? We don’t have the answers to these questions. What we do know, however, is that a new happy place is built through a constant exchange of knowledge, opinions, memories and experiences which will help us to recognize the moment which we find ourselves in as well as to build imaginary landscapes towards which we are yet to move.

Agata Szymanek, Aleksandar Rakezić, Alexandra Papademetriou, Hekler (Nataša Prljević, Jelena Prljević, Sonja Blum), Maja Simišić, Milica Dukić, Nađa Kračunović, Denise Lee, David Bilek, Tijana Radenković