Was it always mesh and lace?

(Princess Ljubica’s Residence)

We are who we are, or aren’t we? Layers of different environments from which we came settle down within us, as well as people we loved, a house we inhabited and abandoned, voices which spoke something to us and still, we know that we are not a mere mixture of accidents and that we have a right to sculpt ourselves or program ourselves as we see fit. Is it according to this fitness that we create other entities as well? Do we allow them to leave the framework of anthropocentrism or is it the recognition of the human within those new, weird shapes of being the only way for us to connect with them? Even we anticipate the freedom to be exactly what we dream of and to choose the best worlds for ourselves, is there space there for some new identities – independent and unique, emancipated from their makers?


Adrienn Újházi i Marija Šumarac, Dea Džanković, Dejan Krstić, Karen Nhea Nielsen i Marko Gutić Mižimakov, Katarina Vasiljević, Lubica Mildeova, Nataša Nedelkova, Sandra Lakićević, Sara Apostolović, Saša Tatić, Sofija Milčić, Sofija Modošanov, Sybil Montet, Željka Aleksić